Monday, May 16, 2011


Already home to more than seven million books, Cambridge University Library will host one of the world's biggest books for three days this month. Visitors to the Library can let their imagination run wild with a huge 2.2 metre high, walk-in book, placed at the entrance to the building as part of an innovative art installation. The Big Book, entitled Imagine, is a leather-bound wooden sculpture that invites the 'reader' to step inside and write their own individual answer to the question: "What do you imagine?", adding to the responses of nearly 2000 people of all ages who have contributed in 57 different languages.

The artist Diana Bell, and sponsors Cambridge University Press and the University Library, invite absolutely everybody to come along and write in the Big Book, which will be outside the front entrance to the University Library, on West Road, from 10am-7pm Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May, and then 10am-5pm on Saturday 21st May.

Diana will be on hand to answer any questions and encourage everyone to be part of the project, and is particularly keen for contributions from mathematicians and scientists, asking "are we the only animal that has imagination? Why do we have imaginary numbers?"

After the visit, contributors can view their page, and others, at

For more information, visit or email


Monday, May 2, 2011

Late opening at CSL

The CSL is now open till 8pm each weekday evening. Access to the library after 5.15 is from the New Museums site. See map