Monday, September 21, 2009

Publishing Workshop

International publishing

With the aim to support young scientists in their academic career, a lecture on Scientific Publishing will be given on 19 October 2009 under the title: How to write a world class paper.

During the presentation, the audience will gain insights in the way publishers, editors and reviewers look at their manuscripts, which may help to better submit papers.

The lecture will cover those aspects, relevant when preparing and submitting a manuscript for a scientific journal e.g. originality, Hot Topics, format of the article, selection of the journal, language, building blocks, ethical and copyright issues.

Dr Riaz Agha, Managing and Executive Editor of International Journal of Surgery (and Junior Doctor here in Addenbrooke's!) will present the workshop and share his experiences with the audience and answer questions.

The meeting is relevant for young scientists of all subjects; however, the accent will be on publishing in Science, Technology and Medicine (STM).

How can you attend?
Owing to limited capacity we are running this session twice 10.30am and 2pm.
We ask that you register to attend. Please register from this page.
Booking will close on Monday 12th October.